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Nothing shows up in the Event log on the server related to this. Another possible cause is when using Integrated Authentication over the Internet. dsacker 29-Sep-15 16:30pm A beautiful solution. UPDATE #2: Using Firebug, I see that the Status is still 401 Unauthorized, but the Response is returning the application's correct HTML.

Using Threads to create GameObjects How is the Riemann zeta function zero at the negative even integers? I have two identically configured CMS servers both using IIS anonymous access with the same project deployed to both. Can you please help us. How to say "Thank you for your time yesterday..." in correct spanish? this page

401.2 5 Iis

Does notation ever become "easier"? A useful tool to pragmatically determine access-denied to file resources is File Monitor. 401.4 Denied by Custom ISAPI Filter This error indicates that some ISAPI Filter running on that request sent If I access the site using http://some.domain.com/">http://some.domain.com/ I immediately get the 401.2 error message with no chance to enter my username and password. Your Email This email is in use.

I ended up uninstalling all IIS features and re-installing from scratch. Well, as usual in researching this more to post sufficient details on what is happening I managed to solve it myself. I'm not sure what to do next. 401.0 Iis Shortest code to throw SIGILL Why is pattern "command || true" useful?

Reply David Wang says: October 11, 2005 at 1:45 pm Mark - If the servers are identically configured then the results should be the same. When do pilots actually use ‘wilco’? This works fine in Intranet scenarios, but for Internet scenarios a lot of network devices in between the client and server can either not support or mishandle NTLM (such as Proxy ClickHERE to participate the survey.

I will give detailed explanation of what each means as well as some common causes/solutions (obviously not exhaustive). 401.1 Denied by Invalid User Credentials This error indicates that IIS failed to Sc-win32-status 5 Both CMS sites point to the same database and I have checked all of the IIS and other system settings and they seem to be identical. You will need to determine WHICH CGI/ISAPI is returning the response and obtain support for it. More Info: When my code detects a certain pattern of filter behavior just before the OnAccessDenied function is triggered, I clear the response buffer and use WriteClient to send an "Access

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  2. You can modify the connection timeout setting but keep in mind that increasing the session duration will put more burden on your Web servers.
  3. I have created a generic dns name and added an entry for each of the web servers.
  4. Now, it may be that the browser uses Basic auth but the intervening proxy strips it off for whatever reason.
  5. WE have a web part running in SharePoint.
  6. What ends up happening is that the server-side reconfiguration may remove Local/Remote Login rights for that user, impose new restrictions (like Login hours, Logon type), etc… preventing IIS from successfully logging
  7. My recommendation if you have 1 to 1 mappings of sites to app pools, or you have a highly trusted environment, is to set the anonymous user account to use the
  8. However I have not tried Firebug on the server desktop.
  9. I suspect your issue is due to misconfiguration and is supposed to fail but we don't know why yet.

Iis Error 401 - Unauthorized Access Is Denied Due To Invalid Credentials

The fact that it doesn't tells me that either: 1. http://fluviatilis.blogspot.com/2013/02/iis-401-authentication-error.html We are stumped at the moment. 401.2 5 Iis We had a system that was recently upgraded from IIS5 to II6, and after working through a number of problems, we're at the point that when we access a test page Iis 401 Error Windows Authentication Do you need your password?

Cause 2: The Web application is not configured to use an authentication method. The web site is running under an application pool. How is the Riemann zeta function zero at the negative even integers? Why did Harry spare Peter? 401 5 0 Iis Error

Some common causes include: The client gave the wrong username/password (including none at all). Now, I do not expect iisstart.asp to function on XPSP2 because it was intentionally broken for security reasons and we chose not to fix non-essential ASP samples.. 401.2 response that is Just wasted 3 hours on this morning on this AGAIN! Who lost to Glass Joe?

Is there such thing as a "Black Box" that decrypts internet traffic? Http 401 2 Internet Information Services (IIS) If I add windows authentication to the virtual directory configuration the site works fine but the authoring tool appears. Reply David.Wang says: February 22, 2006 at 7:15 pm trigena - Ah, yes, that is a possible reason - something removing privileges for the Anonymous user to login. //David Reply trigena

How can I make a check twice as likely to fail?

I have also seen the reverse happen - user configures IIS to use their username/password as anonymous user, and when they changed their password, web server traffic quickly causes IIS to the results are supposed to be different but we don't know why. Hope that helps someone…. Iis 401 Error Codes The log file indicates "401 2 5".

Thank you. please advise me.. For example, I could say that I assign read/execute permissions to arbitrary user and it works -- does that help anyone if they do not have my arbitrary user? Maybe Stack Over Flow http://stackoverflow.com/questions/750997/cookieless-sessions-and-iis7-causes-a-redirect-loopis part of the issues ?

and it's the same thing. Display a chain of little mountains with an odd number on the top of it! If you log in remotely to the website server and try accessing the webservice, it is accessible. For example, a user will get a 401 when accessing a the home page default.aspx file for a site.

Does notation ever become "easier"? I want authentication mode "Windows" but when i set windows authentication web site can access remotely but can't access on server network. Thanks, Kevin Reply selindmarkl says: December 18, 2007 at 12:21 pm Thank you 401.2 Denied by Server Configuration I had problem with my gogle accelerator, nice description. Invalid Kerberos configuration - on IIS6, if you have a customized Application Pool Identity AND Integrated Authentication is used AND the web server is in a domain, you will mysteriously get

In all cases, the preferred solution is to manually synchronize the username/password of the anonymous userprinciple in IIS with that of the real user principle.I have seen many amazing variations of The Virtual Directory I'm accessing hosts PHP scripts, so I'm thinking that has something to do with it. Factorial digit sum What do you call someone who acts "cool-headed"?