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Informix Error Code 236

This is a normal message text used outside an error context. -1355 Cannot build temporary file. The pipe that the REPORT TO PIPE statement specifies could not be started. In the current statement, a variable that is used in taking a substring of a character value contains a number less than one or a number greater than the size of These qualifiers can contain only the words YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND, FRACTION, and TO. http://madeleinebrand.com/informix-error/informix-error-code-952.html

Revise the statement so that this name is prefixed by the name of its table (table-name.column) wherever it appears in the query. -329 Database not found or no system permission. If it is as you intended, check the DECLARE statement to ensure that it has been executed. Review the statement. This statement, probably a FETCH statement that names a cursor declared FOR UPDATE, failed because the row it should have fetched could not be locked. -266 There is no current row http://www.sqlserverf1.com/tag/informix-error-code-236/

I spent hours looking for a solution to this error and finally I found one. The table exists, but the column does not appear in it. It can't be declared "protected" because DB_result is a separate object. All rights reserved.

Check for operating-system messages that might give more details. -1332 A character variable has referenced subscripts that are out of range. The cursor named in this statement (probably an OPEN) has been associated with a prepared statement that is not a SELECT statement. The INTEGER data type can accept numbers with a value range from -2,147,483,647 to +2,147,483,647. The forms compiler indicates that name has been defined twice.

See DB_result::fetchInto() for more information.This method is not meant to be called directly. This error message appears when one or more of the columns appear a different number of times. The database you tried to connect to is not known by the db server. While this also accepts a query result resource identifier, this behavior is deprecated.

You may already have a table in your current database with the same name as the temporary table that the report definition is attempting to create as a sorting table; the The person who created this table has not granted UPDATE privilege to your account name or to the public for the table or the column. Edit your source file: go to the specified line, correct the error, and recompile the file. -1313 SQL statement error number error-num. Read 19 May 10 - The New Blog Times - Misurare il consumo energetico: DEHEMS è pronto...

  • Return: the number of rows.
  • Check the spelling of both names.
  • If this isn't passed the error information gathered from the DBMS. [ Top ] nextResult[line 297] true nextResult( a $result) Move the internal ifx result pointer to the next available result

You entered a value in this field that cannot be stored in the program variable that is meant to receive it. http://pcrepairpro13.com/informix-error-code-236.php The program called the errorlog() function without first calling the startlog() function. If the statement does not list specific columns, review the definition of the table for the number of columns and their data types. This statement assigns a value to the field with the DEFAULT clause or uses its value with the INCLUDE clause, but it does so with data that does not agree with

Only simple variables (those that have a single component) can be used in this statement. http://madeleinebrand.com/informix-error/informix-error-code-674.html This field is defined in the form-specification file with a PICTURE attribute to specify its format. However, it does not appear in a DEFINE statement within the function. You cannot issue a FETCH PRIOR, FETCH FIRST, FETCH LAST, FETCH CURRENT, FETCH RELATIVE n, or FETCH ABSOLUTE n statement with a non-scroll cursor.

This BEGIN WORK statement is redundant; a transaction is already in progress. If the statement that is involved is a DATABASE or CREATE DATABASE statement, the condition is that the database server opened the database. Two or more tables that are named in the TABLES section have columns with the name shown. navigate here This statement includes a BEFORE FIELD clause or an AFTER FIELD clause that names a field that is not defined in the form that is currently displayed.

Data conversion does not make sense, or is not supported. Either too many or too few parameters were given in the call to the function. Check that you have specified the data types that you intended and that literal representations of data values are correctly formatted. -1261 Too many digits in the first field of datetime

The output file that is specified in this UNLOAD statement could not be opened.

You have entered a character value (a quoted string) into a field that has a different data type (for example INTEGER). Look up the shown error in the database server documentation. -4303 A blob variable or cursor name expected . If this is a program, review its logic to make sure it has not accidentally failed to end the previous transaction. -551 The constraint contains too many columns. Edit your source file, go to the specified line, correct the error, and recompile the file. -1318 A parameter count mismatch has occurred between the calling function and the called function.

If you intended to execute an SQL statement, do that directly with the EXECUTE statement, not indirectly through a cursor. -366 The scale exceeds the maximum precision specified. Your INPUT statement must specify the same number of variables as it does fields. The dimension of the screen array is written in square brackets that follow its name. his comment is here The variable has too many component parts.